Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Tyrel

It's so hard to believe our oldest child turned 9, he is a good boy,& a very big helper to mommy at home. He loves spending LOTS of time at "the garage" with his friends , and cousins. That's where daddy works, so he likes going there where all the action is.


Wow! A whole month has passed since I last put pictures on, our days seems to be filled & go so fast. School has started, Tyrel & Trenton go to Otterbein Christian Academy in Mahaffey. Doug takes them to school almost every morning then he goes to work. I get to stay home and enjoy being with our two younger kiddos, Tanner & Tierra. Tyrel celebrated his 9th birthday on the 22nd of August, & Doug celebrated his birthday on September 7th. We went camping over Labor Day with friends and had a good time. I guess summer is officially over, now we have to look forward to watching the leaves change there color. This is a beautiful time of the year. I Love Fall! that's all for now.........