Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hello Everyone, I guess it's time to update, we had a very nice Christmas here in our new house, it was nice to have lots of space! We celebrated New Years with some friends, we played games, had saurkraut and mashed potatoes and , of course, lots of other goodies! Tanner turned 6 on the 29th of December, we had a sleepover party for him, a couple of his friends and cousins came. It was rather interesting having 6 little boys here at the same time... they had lots of fun, and that's all that matters! Trenton turned 8 on the 16th of January, so we had a party for him with just a couple friends and cousins who came to help celebrate too!
We are still working on getting our basement cemented soon! That will be exciting, then all the children can play down there! Tyrel can't wait, he wants his very own bedroom to be down there, with his dog, Daisy, of course!
That's all for now........
" Our Little Cowgirl"

Tanner turned 6 years old on December 29th.

Trenton turned 8 years old on January 16th.